About Us


In the early 1980’s, Bonnie Rodwell was standing at a domestic New Zealand airport. It was here that American tourist commented on her hand knitted jumper, asking where she purchased it as they would like to buy one also. Bonnie had knitted the garment herself and was unaware of anyone selling a similar product in New Zealand at that time. While unable to help that tourist, the question got Bonnie thinking – was there a business here? After research, Bonnie confirmed her assumptions - there was no-one supplying handmade woollen garments at any scale in New Zealand and there was an international demand for the product. It was not long after that BONZ ‘Best of New Zealand’ was born, aimed at providing high quality, sustainably produced, New Zealand designed and made fashion to the domestic and international market. The proceeding 35 years has seen BONZ expand it’s range from handknits to include leather jackets, machine knits, accessories and a full range of possum products. BONZ is now sold worldwide, has received numerous accolades for product quality/sustainability and has provided financial support to many worthwhile causes. From its basic roots, the BONZ of today is a truly global brand, and one that many New Zealander’s are proud to call their own. 


BONZ is about providing the very Best of New Zealand. This philosophy extends beyond the bounds of product design, driving the way we procure materials, produce our garments, and run our retail stores. Our Lamb skins come only from farmers that meet our strict animal welfare requirements and possum skins only from certified New Zealand hunters. The products themselves are designed and manufactured by hand in Invercargill, New Zealand under the principals of quality, durability and sustainability. We use minimal machinery and no automation in our production, reducing wastage and product defects. Our designers travel the world in search of the latest fashion trends, keeping certain collections at the forefront of global fashion. It is our passion to give the world the very best of what New Zealand can offer – it is what guides our business and drives our product design.